BBQってなに What is the BBQ ?

BBQって文字どおりバーベキューのことです。思いたったようにバーベキューパーティを開いて、そこに集まって来る愉快な仲間たち。それがBBQです。(単なる飲んべー集団と言う人もいますが!) われらがリーダー大野総帥を中心に仕事に、遊びにと活動しています。


You are right! BBQ means BARBECUE. Sometimes Our members have a BARBECUE party.then our cheerful members gather. People call us BBQ members.(but some people call us just drunks) Our Boss Ohno lead us in everything!

Introduction of staff

BBQオールメンバー All people of BBQ



Travel,Fishing,Outdoor sports and drinking paraties (Our parties are on Wednesday's). Recently we went to Saipan.(Our Trip was very cheap. but we had a good time) If you are intersted in it ,please look at

BBQ in Saipan